The World’s Best Tasting Açai

(we even have the awards to prove it)

Tropicool is a global superfruit brand that provides healthy and nutritious products made from sustainable ingredients.

The first brand to develop a totally aseptic organic açaí, guaranteeing high-quality flavour, nutritional properties and effortless operation.

Tropicool Açaí & Mango Pulps

Our pulps are crafted from premium, certified organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality in nutrition and taste. Created with no preservatives or colours, our pulps are the most natural on the market.

Why Choose Tropicool?

Same, Same But Different

We know the market is saturated with so many açai brands but Tropicool is in a league of its own. Our açaí is the gold standard in flavour, texture and it is also aseptically processed for ultimate freshness and convenience.

Premium Quality Award Winning Product

Our products are sourced from the finest ingredients, ensuring unmatched quality and taste. Tropicool Açaí has been awarded as the best tasting açai in the International Superior Taste Awards.

Never Frozen

We know how valuable fridge space is for café owners. Tropicool is aseptically packed in tetra packs and stored at room temperature, freeing up your fridge for other essentials.

Easy Operations

We simplify operations for our customers by helping them find reliable suppliers for soft-serve machines. This ensures a seamless and efficient process, allowing them to focus on sales.


We support local harvesters and dedicate part of our sales to support the SOS Amazônia, an NGO focused on reforesting the Amazon. For every 10L of Tropicool pulp sold worldwide, we plant a tree in the Amazon!


We treat our vendors as partners, working closely with them to ensure they maximise their potential with our products. We also support with marketing and creative ideas to boost sales.

Global Brand

Take a journey through flavors around the world!

Born in Brazil, is now available also in Australia, México, Qatar and United Arab Emirates in over 100 locations. This wide-ranging presence allows us to bring our premium products to a diverse and international audience.

Value Add to your Venue

Delightful and delicious combinations That can be eaten on Bowls, Smoothies, mixed with incredible superfoods such as granola, bananas, paçoca (peanut energy candy), chia seeds or even turned into irresistible cocktails.

Real People, Real Results

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Buddha Bowl


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tropicool pulps vegan/dairy-free/gluten-free?

Tropicool açai is 100% dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan!

How does Tropicool work?

Tropicool helps business owners connect with trusted suppliers for soft-serve machines, enabling them to deliver açaí on tap. These commercial machines offer reliability, ease of use, and fast freeze time.

Do I need to add liquid or fruit?

No. Our super convenient pulps are ready to be served without the addition of fruits or liquids.

What is aseptic açai?

Aseptic processing is a method that uses state-of-the-art sterilisation processes to lengthen product shelf-life and safely preserve food products without harmful preservatives. This allows the product to be stored at room temperature while maintaining nutritional properties, texture and flavour. (Yay to more fridge space and less food waste!)

What can I make with Tropicool açai?

Our pulps are the base ingredient for a variety of recipes that your customers will love including açai bowls, smoothies and even cocktails!

How do I store Tropicool pulp?

Tropicool pulps should be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place. Once opened, tropicool pulps should be refrigerated at below 5 degrees.

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